CUVE Waters


  • Good quality floodwater has been available in two out of three seasons. The lower water quality compared to rainwater harvesting doesn’t seem to have a negative effect on the crops. 
  • Construction and operation of floodwater harvesting facilities in Namibia is possible. 
  • Knowledge about agriculture and irrigation has been further developed. 
  • Income generation in the first season: N$ 4,700 by selling crops (greenhouse) plus an additional N$ 1,500 on average (individual plots outside). The total was N$ 19,700. 
  • Diet and health status of families have improved. 
  • Ten permanent jobs have been created.


All costs have been calculated for the pilot case. Due to different reasons investments as well as running costs can be much lower if a roll-out of the technology is achieved.

Total investment costs: N$ 186,000. This includes:

  • N$ 47,000 for the outside garden, including drip irrigation (1,175 m²) 
  • N$ 43,000 for the greenhouse, including drip irrigation (176 m²)
  • N$ 23,000 for the shade net covered pond, and another N$ 31,000* for the corrugated iron covered pond (135 m3)
  • N$ 42,000 for the underground tank (130 m3)

Running costs

Operation and maintenance: about N$ 1,500 per year for maintenance of infrastructure (tanks, ponds, fences) N$ 2,500 per year running costs for the garden (e.g. seeds, fertilizers and pesticides)

Technical data

Gardening area [m2]
Greenhouse176 m2
Open garden1000 m2
Storage capacity [m3]
Underground tank130