CUVE Waters

Integrated Water Resources Management in Northern Namibia

Natural water sources have always been in short supply in Northern Namibia. It is becoming clear that water as a resource is going to come under increasing pressure from climate change. How can the population still be guaranteed a regular supply of drinking water? How can farm land be effectively irrigated or sewage disposed of safely? In the German-Namibian research and development project entitled CuveWaters, close collaboration between scientist/researchers, partners in the field, and the population itself has made it possible to develop and implement solutions for a sustainable water supply and wastewater disposal. These solutions serve as a blueprint for other so-called semi-arid regions of the world. CuveWaters was funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).

  • Participatory mapping during a stakeholder workshop
  • Trainees from Epyeshona and experts building an underground tank for rainwater harvesting
  • Operator of the desalination plant in Akutsima cleaning the solar panel
  • Farmers preparing the irrigation site at the wastewater treatment plant in Outapi
  • Farmer checking tomatoes in the greenhouse in Epyeshona
  • Ladies from the village with their first harvest