CUVE Waters

Interviews & Impressions

About CuveWaters

Abraham Nehemia about CuveWaters
Alexander Jokisch about CuveWaters
Emerita Iipinge about working together
Tangi Fillemon Msati about the wastewater treatment plant
Making of CuveWaters
Emerita Iipinge about the benefits of CuveWaters
Isaac Kariuki Mwangi about scaling-up of rainwater harvesting
Selling of vegetables in Epyeshona

The Cuvelai-Etosha Basin

Abraham Nehemia about the scarcity of water in Namibia
Climate conditions in the Cuvelai-Etosha Basin, Namibia
Local market in Oshakati, Namibia
School feeding in northern Namibia


Alexander Jokisch about his scientific work
Abraham Nehemia about working with communities
Abraham Nehemia about development cooperation
Abraham Nehemia about development
Thomas Kluge about climate change and innovative initiatives
Book keeping in Iipopo
Isaac Kariuki Mwangi about Capacity Development
Cleaning the drip irrigation system
Moses Shatika about his training experience
Thomas Kluge about Capacity Development

Technologies and Pilot Plants

Kristofina Lyaxulapo about Rainwater Harvesting
Rauna Nakahambo about Floodwater Harvesting
Lavinia Nekongo about benefits of the desalination plants
Ananias Nashilongo about the saniation facilities in Outapi
Haikela Nahambelelwe about gender issues
Monica Michael about the role of women