CUVE Waters

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Making of CuveWaters
Making of CuveWaters

The CuveWaters’ demonstration plants are spread across the Cuvelai-Etosha Basin. Groundwater desalination plants are located in various different rural areas. Several plants for rain- and floodwater harvesting are located at rural and peri-urban sites. Facilities for sanitation and water reuse are located at an urban site. With this distribution of sites, the project takes into account the diverse local social-ecological situations.

  • “Green Village” Epyeshona: three plants to collect rainwater from the roofs (roof catchments) and one ground catchment, both with subsequent gardening
  • Amarika and Akutsima: four small-scale solar-powered groundwater desalination plants for freshwater production
  • “Green Village” Iipopo: a floodwater storage system with gardening
  • Outapi: a sanitation and reuse concept including sanitation units, sewer system, treatment plant, water storage and irrigation sites for agricultural production

Map of the demonstration plants

  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Groundwater desalination
  • Sanitation and water re-use
  • Floodwater harvesting