CUVE Waters

How to get there – Desalination plants


Coordinates: S18°07.277’ E14°48.049’ 

From Oshakati follow C41 to Okahao. Pass through Okahao and continue straight for another few kilometers until the junction with MR122 to Omakange. Turn towards Omakange and follow the road for another 30 km or so. Look for a small white sign on your left, where “Okatseidhi” is written. At this point turn left where the sign is showing and continue driving straight in the bush. Keep straight for about 20-22 km until the road is splitting in three. At that point turn right and soon you will be reaching the village of Akutsima. There you can ask the people to show you where the desalination plants are. 

The drive from Oshakati to Akutsima should take all in all about 2 hours (1,5 hour driving on tarred road and 30’ driving in the bush). 


Coordinates:  S 18°21.516’  E15°11.642’

To get to Amarika from Oshakati follow C41 to Okahao. Just before entering the village of Okahao turn left on the gravel road (D3626) to Etilyasa. Drive straight for about 15 km and then turn right into the village of Etilyasa. From there, Amarika can be reached in about 1,5 hours driving through the bush. 

The drive from Oshakati to Amarika should take 2,5-3 hours (45’ tarred road, 30’ gravel road, 1,5 hr in the bush). 

Map of the demonstration plants

We strongly advise you not to try to reach neither of the plants without a GPS. Especially Amarika is very difficult to locate without someone showing the way. If you wish to visit the plants please call Mr Martin Petrus (+264 81 140 0199), the head of the regional office of DWSSC in Outapi, in advance to inform him about your visit. He could also arrange for someone to accompany you to the plants.