CUVE Waters


  • Privacy and comfort: Private and communal sanitation facilities are available for up to 1,500 inhabitants. 
  • Improved health and hygiene in families through the introduction of Community Health Clubs.
  • Implementation of a tariff and billing system for the new water and sanitation system at Outapi Town Council.
  • Capacity development regarding agriculture and irrigation techniques, management of sanitation facilities, operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment and vacuum sewers.
  • 12 permanent jobs have been created: 5 farmers, 4 cleaning staff and 3 security guards at the washhouse, 2 operators and one security guard at the wastewater treatment plant. 
  • Producing and selling vegetables for the local market.


Currently we are calculating the final investment and running costs of the plants. 

Technical data

The table below depicts the estimated number of users and the water consumption as planned for the different facilities. The actual numbers are currently being analyzed. 

Facility Number of usersWater use (average) 
Communal washhouse (Onhimbu/Okayekongwe)250 vouchers/day60 l/voucher
Cluster washhouse (Tobias Hainyeko)840 users60 l/user+day
Individually connected households (Shack Dwellers)264 users60 l/user+day